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November 23, 2020 2 min read

Let’s be real, traveling with pets is something we can all agree sounds terrible. From boarding, to worrying about using the bathroom, it is not perceived as being overtly enjoyable. Regardless of how much we love our pets, we understand traveling with them is hard. Because of this, we have consulted a “digital nomad” or someone who works from home and travels between countries, to get some tips on traveling with pets.


Register Your Buddy As Emotional Support

This may be an obvious one, but registering your animal as emotional support is important when traveling. Many airlines will require emotional support registration and will sometimes additionally require a note from a doctor. Keep this in mind before traveling, and contact your airline to make sure you are prepared.

Bring Puppy Pads, And Get Your Pet Used To Using Them First

A tricky part of traveling with animals is always using the bathroom. Puppy pads are a simple fix that can be taken even into an airplane bathroom with your dog and then disposed of. The tricky thing with puppy pads is that some dogs are not trained to use them. This item makes travelling much easier, and by training your pup to use a puppy pad when necessary, it makes the traveling process a lot easier.

Double Check That Your Airline Allows Pets On Board

Although you may need to call the airline you are using to confirm, double checking this information is crucial. When traveling with a pet, you never want to go to board your plane and be told your pet cannot board with you. A quick call to double check can save a lot of hassle. Some airlines will also require additional documentation, so make sure to ask what documents you will need before heading to the airport.

Check If Your Airport Has Dog Convenience Areas

Although sometimes this information is not listed on airport websites, you can call customer care at any airport and ask if there are pet convenience areas there. If the airport you’re either departing from or laying over at has a convenience area, it makes things much easier as you can take your little guy there to use the bathroom without having to go through airport security an additional time.


Book Your Airbnb/Hotel Ahead Of Time

Booking an airbnb or dog friendly hotel ahead of time makes traveling with pets much easier. Being able to get your little guy to a home base to settle in as quickly as possible relieves stress from your dog, and also makes things easier for you. You can even use the “pet friendly” option on Uber to get a pet friendly ride from the airport to wherever you are going.


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