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Tips For Choosing Your Custom Pet Pillow Photo

March 10, 2021 2 min read

We love creating our custom pet pillows, custom dog pillows, and custom cat photos just as much as you guys love receiving them. To ensure that you receive the photo pillow of your dreams, we have compiled a helpful list of tips for choosing your custom pet pillow photo.

1.) Check for good lighting when choosing your custom pet pillow photo.

Choose well lit photos that are taken either outdoors or indoors with clear, good lighting. Photos that are too dark or have enhanced ambient lighting can look less than ideal on your photo.

2.) Avoid screenshotting, cutting, or over-enhancing your pet pillow photo.

To ensure that your photo when blown up is not blurry or low resolution, make sure to only send original downloaded images for your custom pet pillow that are not overly enhanced.

3.) There's room for multiple pets on a custom pet pillow!

Do you have more than one pet that you want on a pillow? There's room for all of your pets! One pillow can fit more than one pet, or even a pet and an owner! The possibilities are endless, and there's plenty of customization opportunities.

4.) When taking a photo of your pet, use a tennis ball, treats, or your pet's favorite toy and dangle it in front of your camera to grab their attention.

Yes, while this sounds silly, it is a helpful tidbit of information that those of us who are not full time pet photographers will find helpful. Just grab your little guy's favorite toy and dangle it in front of your camera or a piece of their favorite treat, and you'll have their eyes in your direction for a great photo in no time.


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